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Seijitsu band was created in 2009 by Diane Douet and Raphael Mouneyres. Seijitsu initially played a very energetic rock music, as evidenced by the songs in their EP "Intelligent Rock Music" released in 2010.

For their new album "Wild Life", Seijitsu refines a very melodic rock fusion, sometimes flirting with world music and alternative rock.

The texts keep the peace and spiritual approach dear to the singer. The Japanese Koto, percussions and violins naturally find a place in this album which invites us to an original journey, and a reflection on the place of music in our society.


I play guitar, and am in charge of the technical rig for the whole band.





a brain speaking his mind

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Early years

Back in 1999, was a time where Nawaks used to last a weekend so to let crazy neurones speak improvisation.

"Faites vous des amis" is a series of three compilation albums containing various written or improvised pieces by a bunch of friends.

Although Jerash is my pseudo, it is here assiociated with a collective, with undefined members. Personal credits are mentioned for each song.

When creating this first trilogy, the computer I used was a Intel DX4 100MHz PC, wiht Windows 95, and softwares : Sonic Foundry Acid v1.0a, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Propellerheads Rebirth, VAZ, Windchimes.

Live improvised session were recorded using a standard cassette magnetophone.


Faites vous des Am1s


Faites vous de2 AmIs


Faites vous d3s AmIs


Late revival

In 2015, after digging gigabytes of archives, some more pieces were released as the fourth album of this series.


Faites vous des 4mis


Digging the old chest

During the same period of archives exploration, I've sorted a lot of finished songs so they can be arranged as listenable albums.


Elitist Wood Frame




Old school death metal

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Ahmasiah is a special band to me as i play guitar with my brother on drums. It has been a duo mainly. We had a bassist in the beginning, then two guitars without bass; it worked great too !


2005 second EP


1999 first EP


1997 cassette demo




French metal fusion

Bassist 2006-2009




French snow electro

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this band never existed

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sound transmutation

I've also contributed to Speedbass music network with several outstanding pieces ;)

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