Welcome to Jerash personal website, a place where you can learn anything and nothing about me.

For a living, I run a instrument repair business named Audiotronic, and also occasionally speak as a technical coach for Excell Voice Studio.

Areas of interest

Fix it !


Building and reparing electronics is a passion, take a look at my business

Read the code


Most of my software are audio related, and often for linux.

Use your ears


As a multi-instrumentist I love to explore many different universes. Gon on and take a ride !

Make it modular


MAWZER products even if not produced anymore are still alive in the electronic and art scenes.

JERASH is Raphaël Mouneyres

i'm both !

I love playing a lot of different instruments and doing rock, metal, electronic and experimental music.

I also love mixing and mastering, either using pure analogue equipements, or the latest digital consoles with a wifi remote tablet.

I like to take the time necessary to make things right, so i can spend one hour to position speakers if a venue acoustic demands heavy treatment, or try dozen eq settings to fit a bass in a mix. On another hand, I'll become another super reactive sound technician to make a 2 minutes soundcheck for ten bands in a row at a festival with the audience not willing to wait.

Being an all time handyman, i will take the soldering iron to resolder loose cables and plugs in an old rack with the rain pouring over my head, and save a show within seconds.

Then when i'm not doing crazy, i'll go deep into coding software, or leave the civilization for a few days and go hiking.